Google’s Amazon Echo rival is FINALLY heading to the UK

Google’s Amazon Echo rival is FINALLY heading to the UK

GOOGLE Home is about to make your connected house a lot smarter, and will hit the UK very soon.


Amazon Echo is about to get a major new competitor.

Google has revealed that it is bringing its own Google Home smart platform to the UK for the first time as it looks to connect up more users across the world.

Google Home offers a whole new way to connect up your various smart appliances and gadgets, as more and more consumers look to invest in intelligent home products.




The announcement comes as welcome news for UK consumers, who have had to wait a long time for Google Home’s release since it was first unveiled at Google I/O 2016 last May.

The speaker plugs into the wall in your home, and like Amazon Echo, listens out for your every command.

Saying “OK Google” will activate the device, which is the able to carry out a wide range of functions and features.

This includes reading out your upcoming calendar appointments, the fastest route to work, and even replying to any unread emails or text messages.

You can also use Google Home to book or change dinner reservations, check flight delays and even set the heating via Google’s Nest.

Google Home is able to respond to a wide range of voice commands and

Google Home can deal with a huge range of commands


Google Home also taps into the power of the Knowledge Graph, which means the device is capable of answering follow-up questions.

And if you have already bought a Chromecast – you can control the content playing on your television with a voice command to your Google Home.

You can play your favourite playlist through the Google Home speaker, or daisychain the Home with other wireless Chromecast Audio compatible speakers throughout your house.



The good news is that users won’t have long to wait for Google Home’s arrival, as a company source told Alpari Engadget that the platform will hit the UK in the second quarter of the year – meaning sometime between now and June.

There’s no new on pricing or availability at the moment, but with a $129 price tag in the US, don’t be surprised to see it on sale for somewhere between £120 – £150 here.

This would also put Google Home in close competition with the Amazon Echo, which is currently on sale for £149.



Google’s news also comes days after Apple revealed a major update to its own smart home platform.

The company has launched a redesigned version of its Home app, which will allow users to control the various smart appliances and devices around their house directly from their phone using Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Users can now also set customised ‘scenes’ for all their connected devices for various times of the day, taking much of the hassle out of setting up smart products such as door locks, coffee machines and lights.

HomeKit customers can use Siri to turn appliances on or off, dim the lights, or set one of their scenes active.

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