15 Regrettable Choices Made By Your Favourite NHL Players

15 Regrettable Choices Made By Your Favourite NHL Players


There’s a great debate out there as to whether or not NHL players, like all professional athletes, are role models or not. While some believe they’re nothing more than millionaires being paid to play the game they love, they’re widely considered to be heroes and idols to others.

You can debate it all you want, but sometimes, it’s easy to turn your back on a favorite NHL player and sometimes it’s easy to not consider them role models when you see the controversy they’ve embroiled themselves into. bandwagonhost There have been plenty of odd incidents involving NHL players. Some cases involve them being jerks off the ice, saying harsh things, being arrested in dumb ways or having vicious sides none of us ever thought could have possibly existed.

There will always be athletes doing dumb things, as it’s a sad, yet common trend we see in the sports world. Some of these guys get too famous and rich at a young age and find themselves believing they’re invincible, thinking they can get away with whatever they want without facing serious repercussions.

Well, there are some instances where your favorite NHLers let you down completely. As we said earlier, some of them get involved in incidents that totally damage their reputation in some way, while certainly losing some of the love they get from their fans. In fact, we assume that some of you won’t be happy by the time you’re done reading this article.

Here are 15 of the craziest things your favorite NHLers have done that totally caught you by surprise.



Life’s good for Jarret Stoll. At least it was before this controversy showed up.

The two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Los Angeles Kings is also dating the ever-gorgeous Erin Andrews from Fox Sports. But fans were stunned to learn he was arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas.

He was caught doing it at a Vegas swimming pool, but the charges were dismissed and he only had to complete 32 hours of community service.



Just when you thought you only knew Alex Ovechkin for scoring 50 goals a season and becoming a star that turned the fortunes around for the Washington Capitals, Ovechkin decides to rap In Russian.

So this may not be “terrible” in the same sense as others on this list, but come on, how could we ignore this Don’t believe us Please sit through the entire video above and you will have a better understanding of this entry.



Eric and Jordan Staal are two of the more average-appearing NHLers. They are classy on the ice and don’t make a lot of headlines off of it…e xcept for this one time where they partied too much in Minnesota.

In the summer of 2007, both brothers were among 14 arrested during Eric’s bachelor party. They were both charged with disorderly conduct. It’s one of the few times you’ll ever hear about a bachelor party getting out of hand.

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