15 Athletes Who Love Money More Than The Game

Athletes Who Love Money More Than The Game


Money or Rings? A decision every athlete has a to make once contracts are finalized in the professional sports world.

Most fans believe the guys who compete in sports for a living are far overpaid, but those same dudes are the ones that give us a reason to grill up on the weekend and watch a show. The leagues they play for make billions of dollars so if anyone is getting overpaid it’s the guys in charge.

From the Premier League to the Association to the NFL to The Show, teams are filled with one of two types of players. One that wants to cash in on the pay day and one that wants to win the championship. Sometimes you get a mix of both. The spectrum is 外汇交易平台 broad, whether it’s an absolute grinder who leaves it all on the floor like a Kevin Garnett, to the man at No. 1 on our list who publicly states that he plays for the money. More often than not it’s pretty easy to know which type of person a player is.

Nonetheless, as immortal as they look, athletes are humans and have plenty of financial responsibility off the field to take care of, which makes sense as to why they want to maximize their brand.

But at what point do we as a sports community draw the line between the ethics of winning and the cash cows of athletics?

Find out how as we break down the top 15 athletes who are in it for the money.

15 Athletes Who Love Money More Than The Game



A seven time All-Star, Home Run Derby champ, Gold Glove winner and 2009 World Series Champion, Cano is overqualified to be one of the highest paid athletes in sports.

In 2013 Cano signed a 10 year $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners that became tied for the fourth largest contract in league history. The deal raised his net worth considerably as well as a few eyebrows. And for good reason.

Cano left a Yankees team that was clearly aging but was in a much better position to make a run at some hardware rather than a Mariners squad that has yet to reach the playoffs since 2001. It was a clear attempt that Cano was playing the free agent market in his favor. A classic case of “show me the money and I’ll go wherever you want.”



As one of the most controversial names in sports history, Allen Iverson was just as influential to the game of basketball. He led the way for little guys but his big spending led to little in his bank account.

It’s nothing new to hear news of a high profile athlete go broke, yet it’s more of a reason to assume that they were in it just for the dough. Iverson blew through over $200 million that he earned through contracts and endorsements over his 14 year career. After a few years away from game, Iverson found himself turning down small overseas contracts with hopes to cash in as an NBA free agent.

Once he ran into financial trouble it became obvious the dude was just in it for some moolah.

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